MIDDLEGROUND Co-Star  Hype Film  Dir. Alisa Khazanova 

DEADBEAT  Co-Star  Hulu/Lionsgate TV  Dir. Todd Biermann

HOW HE FELL IN LOVE Supporting  Dir. Marc Meyers

SMALL MIRACLES w/Judd Hirsch  Guest Star  Dir. Paul Mones

WIGGLES  Recurring  Dir. Kristopher Knight - Channel 101 Series

ASOCKALYPSE!  Lead  Dir. Carrie Schoenfeld

LOOKING AT CHRISTMAS  Supporting  Dir. Bob Morris - PBS-WNET Great Performance Series

HIDING IN THE OPEN  Lead  Dir. Marc Hampson

WOMEN BEHIND BARS  Supporting  Dir. Richard Swindell - WE: Women’s Entertainment


THE PANTIES, THE PARTNER AND THE PROFIT (Dir. Michael Kahn) Woman/Milly Hamilton/Ursula Mask STC

INTO THE WEST (Dir. Jen Wineman)    Ally    Tantrum Theater

THE WHO AND THE WHAT    Mahwish    Huntington Theatre Company

THE WAY WE GET BY (Dir. Kel Haney)   Beth    American Theater Group NJ

SOLDIER X (Dir. Lucie Tiberghien)   Amani Mehmod    Ma-Yi Theater 

THE PARABLE CONFERENCE    Pablo    BAM Next Wave Festival

ASKING FOR TROUBLE    Tina/Fetus 2    Ensemble Studio Theater

TIME STANDS STILL (w/John Shea)    Mandy Bloom    Theater Workshop of Nantucket

THE 39 STEPS (Dir. Fritz Michel)    Clown 1    Theater Workshop of Nantucket

THE OLD HOUSE (Dir. Laura Esterman)    Denise    H. B. Studios

THE INVESTED (by Sharyn Rothstein Dir. Ron Canada)    Madeline Lindsey    4th St. Theater


With the BATS (Resident Company at The Flea Theater)

LOOKING AT CHRISTMAS (W.P. by Steven Banks)  Tiny Tim/Cathleen/Virgin Mary  The Flea Theatre

OFFICE HOURS (W.P. by A.R. Gurney Dir. Jim Simpson)  Ellen/Rachel/Sue  The Flea Theatre

UNUM (W.P. by Will Eno, Dir. Jim Simpson)  Sally  The Flea Theatre

SEVERED (W.P. Dir.Davis McCallum)  Amina  The Flea Theatre

WHAT WOULD WOODY DO? (Reading w/Tony Shalhoub)  Multiple Roles  The Flea Theatre


California State University, Fullerton (B.A. Theatre Arts Magna Cum Laude)

RICHARD III  Lady Anne  James D. Hallberg Theater

THE SEAGULL  Nina  James D. Hallberg Theater

NECESSARY TARGETS  Seada  Grand Central Arts Theatre

TOO MUCH LIGHT MAKES THE BABY GO BLIND  Neo Futurist  Grand Central Arts Theatre

STEALING PENS (ACTF Award)  Inkie  Grand Central Arts Theatre


Special Skills:  DIALECTS: Irish, Cockney, knowledge of IPA, Received Pronunciation, Standard American SPORTS: Tennis, Skiing, Yoga, Bicycling; Dance (Jazz and Hip-Hop) VOCAL: Mezzo-Soprano LOCAL HIRE: NYC, LA, New Orleans